Corporate support to capital companies

We ensure complex and ongoing legal service provided to the commercial law companies, which includes among others:

  • formation and registration of the companies,
  • solving legal problems concerning company activity,
  • preparing drafts of documents connected to the organizational changes, especially amendments to the articles of association, changes in the share capital, cancellation of shares, changes in the composition of shareholders etc.,
  • drawing the rules of the corporate bodies, especially the rules of the board and supervisory board,
  • preparing the agreements with the members of the board and with proxies,
  • drawing the minutes of meetings of corporate bodies,
  • acting as a proxy by concluding contracts between company and company bodies,
  • counseling by the choice of the optimal legal form of the company,
  • drafting instruments of incorporation and articles of association,
  • representing companies before the court of registration,
  • capital transformation of companies,
  • liquidation of enterprises.
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